Ahoy everyone !

This is the very first of several upcoming developer diaries for the project we’re working on these days.

We’ll be releasing infos as often as possible to make sure you’re up to date about our projects and our teams (as long as you’re interested in. But we’re sure you are 😉 ).

A few words about us. We’re a small team of game developers based in Nice, France. We’re trying to create a new kind of company in the video game industry, based on a worker and customer centric philosophy. It’s actually a challenge in the kind of economical environment we’re travelling in to carry this kind of project, trying to act with different values, to bring an alternative model. But we believe this can be part of the solution in all the crisis we’ve been through during the past years. And we’re going to fight for this idea !

Now, let’s talk a bit about our current project. I can’t really told you a lot about it for now. It’s our very first game project as a team. It’s an adventure/point’n click game based on Lucasart’s old school masterpieces as Monkey Island or Maniac Mansion. We’re creating an entire new universe, wonderful stories and amazing characters for this project. We strongly believe that you’ll love it when it will be reveal.

Until then, be sure to subscribe to all our social networks pages to get all the news we’ll share in the near future ! Don’t hesitate to get in touch to support us, support our philosophy, support our project. Your support is the most valuable treasure we could find in this great adventure !

See ya me hearties !

Ben « Zanar » Tanguy, Game producer

#1 We are Jolly Roger !