#2 We are Jolly Roger, We are French Tech !

We’re laureate of the French Tech Tremplin !

In december 2019, we’ve been selected to participate in an entrepreneur prep with French Tech ! It’s an amazing opportunity for us, at Jolly Roger. During the very first steps of our adventure, we’re going to be accompanied by veteran business managers and people who work at high level in several different companies bound with new technologies and video games !

More than that, we’re part of a brand new crew, the French Tech Tremplin’s Cohort, full of wannabe entrepreneur, just like us ! It’s a wonderful experience for us. We’ve been put in a position where we can talk and share ideas, experiences and dreams with people who share our dream !

We’re very excited to be part of this new adventure ! We’re going to give all we have to make sure this journey will end as a success ! And then, the ship will sail on the ocean of game making with the good tools and weapons !

Sea ya me hearties !

#2 We are Jolly Roger, We are French Tech !
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